Brand Therapy is a creative agency dedicated to serving passionate, soulful women in business.
Entrepreneurs on a mission to make positive impact in the world. We are a team of carefully curated warriors – each pursuing our passions collaboratively, in order to create an exceptional brand and experience for you. We couldn’t be who we are without each other, and our company culture of refined elegance, professionalism, love, and passion shines through in each of our projects. You are the reason why we do the work we do. Your work is too valuable not to give it a meaningful brand image and voice. And we can’t wait to help you embrace your beauty.
meet the team
  • rachel dunham
    founder + ceo

    “Beauty begins the moment you start being yourself.”

    – Coco Chanel
    An entrepreneur since age 10, Rachel has always been a high achiever and had a strong desire to create beautiful experiences for people.

    After several years working in both product development and management for Reebok/Adidas, she left the corporate world to pursue her passion for design. Since then, Rachel has spent over 10 years collaborating with and building brands for some of the top transformational, multi-million dollar leaders in the coaching industry and many of her designs have led to million-dollar product launches.

    She now acts as creative director and CEO for Brand Therapy, mentoring entrepreneurs to embrace their unique brilliance and bring to life a visual identity that captures their inner beauty, and catapults their success.

  • heather mcnamara
    senior designer

    “my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive.”

    – Maya Angelou
    Introducing Heather, a free-spirited dreamer who enjoys being in nature, honing her creative powers, and designing.

    She is an inquisitive thinker, who often ponders the deeper meaning of things, and tries to be mindful of living each day with intention.

    After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Bridgewater State University in May of 2015, with a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History, Heather delighted at the opportunity to work for an up-and-coming boutique design company lead by an inspiring female entrepreneur called, Brand Therapy. Today, she still feels just as lucky (and incredibly grateful) and embraces her role as senior designer by aiming to produce high end, exclusive print and online graphics for every client.

    Although most of your interactions will be with Rachel, Heather has the unique opportunity to get to know you through our collaborative projects, in your gorgeous photos, by your individual style preferences, favorite colors, and the unique vision you develop with our team of what your essence looks like as an exclusively crafted brand.

    In her spare time, you can always find Heather with her best friend and soon-to-be husband, Steven. The two, who became fast friends at the start of high school, have been inseparable ever since. It isn’t uncommon to find them out and about with her younger brother and his girlfriend. Her loving parents are also a central part of her life. They have made it their mission to always motivate, love, teach, and inspire her to reach for her dreams. Heather is most content when everyone is together.

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