I created beautiful projects in school.

Beautiful homemade gifts for my friends.

Beautiful meeting packages at my first job.

Beautiful hand-made wedding invitations for friends.

A beautiful home.

Beautiful experiences for my family.

A business that helps others be seen for what is most beautiful about them.

I love wandering the aisles of antique stores, looking for the perfect vintage door, architectural fragment, or unique piece that speaks to me.

I feel joy when I see people embracing who they truly are and showcasing themselves in the most positive light.

It fills my soul to look through my favorite magazines and Pinterest boards to find images of the most stunning physical spaces.

I’m constantly humbled by the beauty within each one of my children – they never cease to amaze and delight me. (Okay – true honesty – I’ll admit they don’t always delight me! 😉 )

I like to do the right things.
At the right time.
In the right way.
I like order, and for everything to be just so.

So it took me some time to appreciate what I now call the raw beauty of life. I was not at all interested in appearing “raw” in front of other people.

As a child I took a drawing class. And because I couldn’t draw perfectly, I quit.

After studying marketing in college, I realized that design was the right career path for me. I enrolled in one of the top design schools in the country – and never finished because I felt inferior to all of the other “artist” students.

As a young working mom, I felt guilty a lot. Like I wasn’t being a good enough mother and wife or a good enough business owner.

It took some inner healing for me to fully embrace being a mom who served her clients, as well as her husband and kids.

As I did, the not-confident girl who had quit drawing class started to blossom in my business. And amazing things started to happen.

I learned to trust myself. LOVE myself.
And that imperfection WAS good enough.
In fact, imperfection is beautiful. It’s what makes us unique. Individuals. Our imperfections actually shape WHO we are – just as much as our most favorite qualities do.



You’re ready to embrace your growth. But that also means showing up – for better or worse – as the face of your business. And being your TRUE self in front of the world.

Being vulnerable isn’t comfortable. But it is beautiful.

Your clients crave that vulnerability. They want to know you’ve got their back and can help them achieve stellar results, but they really want to know that you’re human, too. Chances are, they have been questioning their own self as well. I encourage you to give them that vulnerability. Show them who you really are. BE your brand. Doing so will help you reach more of the right clients – and have a greater impact on the world.

So, this is me, fully embracing who I am.

This is me, finally comfortable and enough in my own skin.

When we talk, I can feel your enoughness bursting out of you.
The unique, beautiful reason you were called to offer your service to the world.
Images pop into my mind. Colors. Textures. The raw beauty that is you.

There are a few givens in life and business.
We don’t have a ton of time here.
There is so much beauty right now this moment—in who you are at your core.
When your brand doesn’t reflect and embrace YOU,
you really can’t fulfill your true purpose and be happy.

When we work together we’ll find the raw beauty of you, too.

(And you don’t have to feel ready or “enough” to begin.)