We help people express their vision for their business and for their lives through their brands. And that comes through creating a powerful personal brand within your business.
Having worked alongside entrepreneurs at every stage of their business over the past decade, Rachel has developed a proven process that allows you to crack your heart wide open and speak from your core, no matter where you are today. Her powerful and nurturing approach holds you to your authentic voice, and supports you in claiming your deepest desires within your work. Her brilliance lies in articulating a woman's truest essence. Because at the end of the day people don’t buy from you because of what you do. They buy because of who you are and why you do it.
Your visual brand is the
first impression that people have with you.

A professional brand that truly reflects you and the incredible work you do will create credibility, build a strong reputation, and make saying yes to working with you much easier for ideal clients. It will also provide you with invaluable confidence when you are ready to be more visible, and step out into the world with a bigger message.
But beyond that, your brand
must have an authentic voice.

Our branding services include direct private coaching with Rachel. Together you will dive deep into the essence of you to find clarity on what you do, why you do it, and how to talk about. And that provides a deeper level of confidence that no beautiful design can replace.
our branding services are
completely custom, and fully supportive.
We offer a number of levels of
strategy, design and support.
We may be a perfect fit for each other if:
you're a
You’re launching a new business and need clarity on your message. You aren't sure where to begin or where to invest. You need a mentor who has walked this path and can guide you in a way that serves you and feels right for YOU.
you’re an
You’re an established business owner but haven’t invested much into your visual identity. You’ve outgrown your current brand and are even embarrassed by it. It’s no longer a fit for who or where you are. You need new messaging and visuals that exude your essence, and a mentor to guide you through the process.
you’re a
You’re in transition and shifting the focus of your work. You need a brand message and identity that represents you in a beautiful and authentic way, but also speaks to your ideal client powerfully and confidently. You are looking for someone to hold you to your highest standard and lead you in the direction of your dreams.
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I know this may feel scary to you.

I know you may be thinking you aren’t ready, or perfect enough for this…
But I also know that once you make the decision to step into your bigger vision for yourself and commit to creating a brand that beautifully reflects that – that’s when the magic happens.

You start attracting more of the right clients.
You gain a confidence you didn’t realize was possible.
You get back in touch with the real reasons why you do the work you do.
And, consequently, you reach new levels of success. Every time.

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