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Brand Nourishment for the Soulful
discover your brand style
Brand Nourishment for the Soulful
At the core of every company is an individual with a desire and a purpose. Without whom, the business simply would not be.
-Rachel Dunham
Imagine if you could capture your inner passion and brilliance,
and express your essence in a way that is so authentically and unmistakably you that every interaction with your brand felt like a private conversation with you.
discover your essence
We Believe
women entrepreneurs are changing the world through their stories
And we are dedicated to supporting you and providing you with the confidence to communicate your message in a bigger, more beautiful way.
  • Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson
    brand story

    After healing herself from chronic illness through the power of self-hypnosis, Dr. Dyan now helps return people to their radiant wellness through her psychology practice and self-hypnosis products.

    “The quality of the work that Rachel and the Brand Therapy® team have done is beyond exceptional. She has elevated a project that means SO much to me and taken it on such that I feel it means that much to her too. She and her team really care and it shows.

    I can’t imagine anyone coming close to Rachel and Brand Therapy®. She is the only one I will turn to with my design needs in the future. She is THE BEST!”
  • brandi bernoskie
    brand story

    Renaissance woman, archer, and entrepreneur, Brandi is the CEO of Alchemy + Aim, a top-notch development agency helping women bring their genius to the world.

    “The team at Brand Therapy® is a dream to work with. My company loves to collaborate with designers who not only really understand their clients' needs but can also capture their spirit and uniqueness in a website, so the final result is elegant, well thought out and planned, and really authentically represents that client. The Brand Therapy® team knows how to be incredibly attentive to detail while still holding that big picture vision, so every element is considered and loved and special. But my favorite part of working with Brand Therapy® as a developer is seeing their relationship with their clients and their involvement in the whole process -- it's like a grand family creating good things together.”
  • tracy harrison
    brand story

    A game-changer in the world of medicine, Tracy is the founder of the Good Medicine Movement, a force ready to revolutionize the face of health care by teaching and incorporating the practice of functional medicine.

    “Many brand development firms offer a rich variety of skills (e.g. graphics, media, copy, styling). Those are wonderful, but not enough. In fact, I already had a great brand that was bringing tremendous abundance to me and many others. What I think Brand Therapy® also uniquely offered to me was the art of midwifing a new, compelling vision – the mission I have been deeply seeking to define, clarify, and put provocatively out into the world for a long time.”
we believe
revealing your unique style in your brand Allows you to connect with others on a deeper and more emotional level
And we are passionate about helping you build your self-confidence and self-love through visual expression.
we are
brand creators,
change makers.
And at the core of every one of our projects is you.
Beautiful, compelling, powerful you.
We guide you to discover where your company's brand ends
and where your brand begins.
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